Expressive Walls Wall Letters and Decorative Wall Art Installation/Application Tips:

All orders will come with an application tool (squeegee) and a printed sheet of application instructions. Just follow the steps below to create your Expressive Wall.

How to apply your wall quotes and decorative wall art:

***Please do not apply to freshly painted walls.  Allow approx. 3-5 days after painting.  The vinyl is sensitive to paint fumes emitted from the wall.  Vinyl may not adhere properly if applied too soon.

Quote Preparation:

Depending on the length of your quote it may come rolled. Unwrap and lay it flat until it stops rolling up. Placing it in a warm area or setting some books on it will help to flatten it out. This step just makes it easier to install.

The quote will have white or clear application tape (this looks and feels like masking tape) on the front side of quote and white backing paper on the backside. Take the squeegee with the quote facing up firmly rub (burnish) over the application tape to assure letters are sticking to the tape. Place a piece of masking or painters tape along the top edge of the quote.

Surface Preparation:

Wipe the surface with a lint free cloth to assure surface area is clean, smooth and free of dust.

Tape quotes in place:

Position your quote on the wall or application surface so that it is aligned and level. You can use a guide line or small pieces of tape to ensure quote is straight. Tape quote to the wall using the tape along the top edge. If your quote is really long you may cut it vertically (through the application and backing tapes) between words or letters to make it easier to apply. The quotes can be arranged in any manner like rows, angles or around a picture.

Removal of backing paper:

Now that your quote is taped in the position you want. Flip the quote up (keeping masking tape attached to wall) slowly and carefully peel the white backing paper off. Pull back toward the wall instead of away from the wall. You want the letters to stay on the application tape. If a letter is lifting off flip paper back and rub a little more in that spot from the front. ***This is why you want to do a good job when you rub (burnish) quote before you begin.

Once backing tape is removed the letters will be on the application tape which is sticky so keep it lifted up until ready to apply.  Then flip quote back over and stick it down starting in the center top and work your way out and down to both ends smoothing out as you go.

Application of quote or art:

Removal of application tape:

Now that quote is on the wall use the squeegee to rub over the letters to now transfer them onto the wall or surface area (this will also get out any air bubbles if you have any). Now peel tape off again pulling back towards the wall instead of pulling away from wall. The letters should remain on the wall if a letter wants to lift a little just flip tape back over a bit and rub a little more in that spot. Remove the application tape completely.

You’re Done now just sit back and enjoy your wall design!

If you have any further questions about installation please contact us.