Designers and Wholesale Info:

Get Expressive Walls in your store or offer it to your clients. Interior lettering is new to the home décor industry.  Think of all the possibilities and the clients with those hard to fill spaces…we can customize a wall quote or decorative wall art to meet your exact needs.  Expressive Walls is a unique cost effective way to dramatically change the look of a room and so much more.  Your customers will finally have that personal touch they’ve been looking for!  Now you can get it at wholesale vinyl wall letters pricing!
  • Expressive Walls designs come beautifully packaged with application tool and instructions and are ready to sell in your store!
  • Our Wholesale  Wall Lettering Packs allow you to choose from some of our pre-selected best selling wall quotes or design a custom package that best fits your store and customers.
  • With a wholesale purchase you will be receiving 50% off our retail prices AND, after your first wholesale purchase you will receive a discount code giving you  25% off all custom quotes!
  • It gets even better! We will ALSO send you a personalized discount code to give out to your customers that gives them 10% off their orders (you can write that code on the back of the business cards we’ll send you to display). Then we will send you a check for 15% of all the sales we receive using “your” discount code (this is done on a monthly basis).
  • Every wholesale purchase comes with a free quote from your package for you to display in your store.  We will also send you (upon request) color samples of available colors.
  • We believe in our product so if your customer isn’t happy we aren’t either.  Just return the product within 30 days for a replacement quote.

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Please contact us and we will gladly help design a custom wholesale package or offer an Interior Designers discount.

Contact: with any questions.