Wall Words and Wall Art F.A.Q’s:

This page is here to answer for you our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find the information you are looking for below just Contact Us and we will be happy to help.

· What is it?

Expressive Walls has pre-spaced, pre-pasted transfer wall lettering that is made of a thin vinyl material. Easy to apply and will look like hand painting instantly.

· Where can I apply it?

Almost any smooth to semi-smooth surface. Painted walls (Light and medium textures including knock down and orange peel) are fine. Sandy textures and stucco will most likely not work. Most wallpapers, wood, furniture, glass, metal, ceramic tile, sinks, shower doors, hardy plank siding, mail boxes and more will work fine. For newly painted walls you should wait about 3-5 days to let the paint cure.

· How do I remove it?

When you are ready to remove or replace a wall quote, use a pair of tweezers to lift edge and then peel vinyl off slowly. If the quote or art has been in place for a long period of time it may harden a little. Just heat it a bit with a blow dryer first then remove. If there is any sort of residue left on the wall it will come off with a quick wipe of rubbing alcohol or Goo Be Gone. This is the experience we have had with our products. All surfaces are different and we cannot guarantee or be held responsible for damage to any surface.

· Can I put it over an archway?

Yes, we have special instructions (See Arched Quotes) we will need a few easy to do measurements to make the quote fit over arches, round mirrors and more.

· How will I know how long my wall quote will be?

On our pricing page we have averages based on the number of words in the quote. However, font choice can greatly affect the length. Just email us before placing your order and we can give you exact measurements or we can call you and help you decide what size lettering you need to order to fill a certain space.

· How is my wall lettering (quote) and decorative wall art measured for height? What does 1″,2″ lettering mean?

Sizing is measured  in TOTAL HEIGHT.  This is from the highest point of the letters to the lowest point.  If you have lowercase letters that drop down such as (g) ( j) ( y) or go up such as (h) and (f);  if your font selection is extremely  “artsy” and has a lot of high and low flairs in it these factors will affect your total height.  If you order your quote in a 3″ size that will be the total height dimensions of your word or quote all the individual letters will not each be 3″ in size.  I try to make sure everyone understand this so that when you  order you have a good understanding of what your size will actually be and can make the best decision in ordering for your space.  Just let us know if you have questions on sizes.

· How are standard and custom wall quotes priced?  What is the difference?

We have hundreds of standard quotes offered on our site.  These are priced on a per word basis and then by the size ordered. Custom quotes or lettering are priced on a per letter basis and then by the size ordered.  We tried to come up with a pricing method that works best for everyone.  In most cases the standard quote pricing works out to be the best price for you.  However, in some cases especially on shorter standard quotes it may work out better for you if you order it as a custom quote.  Do a search to see if the quote you are ordering is offered as a standard quote (under the home tab click on search site and type in a word or two from your quote), if so, compare the standard quote price to that of the custom quote price and then order whichever way has the better price for you.  If we have a standard quote that you want to order but we have a comma and you want a dash or you want  a minor change like that made please email us and we will gladly work with you to make that change so that you can order it as a standard quote if the pricing is better for you that way.

· How will my wall quote or decorative wall art arrive?

Your quote will arrive ready to apply.  If your quote is really long it may come in two or more pieces.  This is sometimes necessary for cutting purposes but also make is much easier to put up.  It can get a little tricky trying to put up a quote that is 6ft. long.  If you ordered a designer look that has more than one color the colors will come separate and can be arranged or layered to meet your needs.

· How do I tell you details about my order?

During the last steps of the checkout process there is a customer notes/comments box.  This is a good place to give us any additional information regarding your order.  Some important information for us would be if you want the first letter of each word in your quote capitalized or if a quote has an author and you don’t want the name included with your quote.  Any specific details you want to give us are helpful.  In addition, you are always welcome to email us regarding your order.

· What if I can’t find a design, color or font on your website?

Just email us and let us know what you are looking for. We have so many fonts, colors and art designs that we couldn’t possibly show them all. So, if you don’t see it doesn’t mean we don’t have it or can’t get it.

· How can I be certain of a color?

The color samples will vary based on your computer they are as close to actual color as we could get them. Email us and we will gladly send you out samples of the colors you would like to see so that you can make the best choice.

· Can I order wall quotes in a different language?

Yes, for suggestion purposes we have some quotes shown in Spanish, French and Italian.  You can order those languages or any other language you would like.  You just need to give us the quote in the language you want  being very specific of special characters and spelling.  As for quotes shown in other languages on our site you will not receive the quote in English just the Spanish, French or Italian version.